About Us

A space to share consciously chosen organic fashion and handcrafted creations from around the world at our boutique.​ A space to rediscover the connection of food with body and mind. We invite you to join us in this celebration of life!

Food, Body and Mind

Maharishi Boutique & Cafe is located in Rishikesh city, near Laxman Jhula in a beautiful courtyard where the music of the holy river Ganges fills the place with divine energy. ​We are joyful to share this creative space with you.

You are welcome to enjoy the beauty of Ganga as you peacefully sip on the cup of Ayurvedic Tea or find your inner silence in our Yoga classes.​We are excited to welcome you in our haven of peace.

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Eagles soar overhead, peacocks roam the meadows below and wild animals wander home in the dappled sunlight. The simplicity and tranquillity of the pure rural Indian village life touches your heart.  

We also have an eco-retreat within walking distance from the famous Shiva Temple "Neelkanth" attracting thousands of seekers, sadus, sages and Hindu pilgrims, Rishis International provides you a royal Indian jungle experience along with magnificent stays in luxurious rooms and eco-cottages.

Meals crafted with intention.

From traditional Pahadi thalis to Experimental homemade burgers, pizzas and kombuchas, enjoy our curated menu of dishes and drinks that will create an memorable experience in Rishikesh.

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